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Gold Leaf Supplies

"Your complete Gold Leaf Source"

  • The complete line of gold leaf flakes and sheets in different designs and colors for creative artisans.
  • DesignaLeaf - a hand crafted leaf; each design has its own unique coloring.
  • Gold Leaf Flakes or Fashion Flakes -  over 10 colors of colored flakes.
  • Genuine & Imitation - 23 karat to Composition Leaf
  • DesignaTac Double Tac - Double stick Tape works with gold leaf.
  • Glass micro beads - over 12 differnent colors.
  • EZ Tac clear embossing powder - Developed to work with gold leaf.

Interesting information on gold

  • Genuine Gold has the atomic number of 79. The symbol for gold is AU.

Gold Periodic Table AU

  • Man has been mining and using gold for more the 5000 years. It is said that the Egyptians were the first but simple fact is gold has been here since the beginning of time. In my opinion before Egypt people just found it too soft to make anything out of it.
  • Gold is a soft metal and this makes it easy to make the thin gold leaves. To make the genuine gold leaf the gold is alloyed with different metals to change the color from 12 karat to 23 karat. Composition gold leaf is a mix of copper and zinc. This is mixed to achieve the closest gold color.
  • A simple fact remains nothing looks the same as genuine gold leaf.
  • Everything looks better with gold leaf. Of course this is just our opinion.

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LA D'ORE, inc. Your complete Gold Leaf Source