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Our Gold Leaf Calculator.

  • Its math and we will explain how it works. If you are not interested in the math skip to the calculators below. Make sure you read the facts below on how to use the calculator.

  • Square feet of a wall, how to find it? You will need to measure the wall and then take the height multiplied by length to find the total square feet. Our calculator will not figure a whole room to do this you will need to add the lengths of the walls together and then multiply this by the height of the room.
    Example: a room 8 feet X 12 feet and ceiling at 8 feet high (wall length of   8 feet + 12 feet + 8 feet + 12 feet = 40 feet length)x height of 8 feet = total square feet of room 320.

  • Important, you still don’t have the complete picture. You don’t want to include any open space in the room (windows, doors, etc). A typical door including the jam can add up to about 20 square feet. So this will need to be removed this to end up with the correct total of gold leaf needed.

  • How do we figure the number of books of leaf needed? Multiply the size of the leaf (see below for leaf size). Next multiply that number by 25 leaves in a book. Last divide total by 144” square inches to get the total square feet.
  • (5.5” x 5.5” = 30.5”) x 25 leaves = 762.5 divided 144” = 5.26 square feet

The Facts you need to know

  • Use the calculator below to figuare the square feet first. Then enter the square feet into the "Gold Leaf Book Calculator".

  • Composition leaf is 5.5” X 5.5” (14cm X 14cm)
    25 leaves will cover 5.25 square feet this is with no waste

  • Genuine gold leaf is 3.346” X 3.346” (85mm X 85mm)
    25 leaves will cover 1.94 square feet this is with no waste

  • Genuine silver is 3.74” X 3.74” (95mm X 95mm)
    25 leaves will cover 2.4 square feet this is with no waste

  • You will want to include a waste allowance and this will depend on your skills and the surface you are applying leaf to. A good rule is 10% plus. You will never want to have applied your size (gold leaf adhesive) started gilding and find out you are short a few leaves. So remember Murphy’s Law and plan for it. It will be better to have leaf left over for the next project then to be short on the current one.

  • And here comes the disclaimer – This calculator is a tool for estimating books of leaf. In any estimate there is always a plus X factor. “Plus X” is everything that was not included and anything forgotten. Please use this calculator carefully.
  • e-mail us with any questions.
Calculate the square feet below. Enter in feet or meters.
The calculate will convert meters to feet to figure the square feet.
Enter feet here   Enter feet 

Enter meters here  Enter meters 
Total square feet - Enter this number in box below 
Gold leaf book calculator.
Leaf Calculator - This calculator will help you figure out how many books of leaf are needed.
Enter Total Square Feet Here
Composition Leaf Enter 5.25 - Genuine leaf 1.9 or 2.4 for Genuine Silver

Click button for results they will be rounded up to next whole number.

Books of leaf are sold in whole books only.

Calculator will automatically round up to the nearest whole number. Example 3.75 = 4 books, 5.25 = 6 books

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